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camp_nowhere's Journal

Camp Nowhere
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Welcome to Camp Nowhere, the camp without adults, without rules, and without a drinking age. All fandoms are welcome, but only characters between the age of 12-17 will be allowed to join the camp. (That's kids who just got out of 6th grade, through older kids who just got out of 11th.) You are welcome to age down adults if you would like. Want to make Giles 12? Go ahead! Same goes for aging characters up. Want to play Wyatt Halliwell as a 15-year-old? More power to you! We only ask if you age down a parent, that they lose their parent status. Veronica and Keith can't be the same age and her still refer to him as Dad. Same with Joyce and Buffy, and so on.

Like any good kid-run camp, there has to be an adult. One adult who can field parental calls, make sure no one sets the town on fire, and buy things that the kids only dreamed of being able to buy at their age. This adult is Spike from the B:tVS/A:tS 'verse. Spike will be played by your friendly mods, Megan (meggygurl) and Kathryn (absentego). If you want something big to happen, ask Spike. If your character gets hurt and needs an adult to take them to the hospital, ask Spike. Spike is, essentially, the moderator and the way for us moderators to keep a slight handle on the game so it doesn't careen into the chaotic void. We will use him sparingly, but he's there.

NOTE: Please wait until your application is posted and accepted before you try to join the community. If you have not applied and/or you have not been accepted, you will not be allowed to join the community. This is for the safety of the game and it's players. Thank you.

Useful Links: Know them. Love them.
- The Rules. Please read these before signing up!
- FAQs. The place to ask questions and get the answers!
The List Of Characters Already Taken. Please check before applying!
- Application Post. Apply here using the given application!
- Cabin Assignments. Go here to get assigned to a cabin and find out who your cabin mates are!
- Map of Camp Nowhere Go here to get the lay of the land!
- Crash Course in Japanese Honorifics. Go here to get all the info you need on Japanese honorifics for names. (Thanks, cornerofmadness!)
- nowhere_ooc. The place to go for out of character talking.